Cycling Tours

Our specialty! Having a bike ride is the best way to get to know Caracas, we go easy, we have fun, we stop when we want, and we take care of our planet. Choose half day or full day tours, whatever your legs can take!

Walking Tours

Walking Caracas is one of the most wonderful experience you can have while visiting our city. Discover our traditions, our food, our architecture, and our history with an authentic and simple approach. From the historical city center to a «family brunch», come with us and submerge into our local culture from the views of an everyday caraqueño(a).

Mountain Tours

A sunset view from Pico Naiguatá

Have you noticed that huge mount at the north of Caracas? Well it’s called «Waraira Repano»*, and it’s a mass of rock that separates our city from the Caribbean Sea. It’s highest point is «Pico Naiguatá» at 2.765 m above sea level. El Waraira is also know as «Cerro El Ávila», so it’s common to hear people say «¡Vamos este domingo pal’ Ávila, pues!» (let’s go to El Ávila next sunday, eh!).

From mondays to sundays, it’s frequented by sportsmen and women who go there to exercise. On sundays it’s common to find whole families and groups of people who go there in a more recreational way. There are many different routes ranging from easy to advanced, including camping sites, rivers, ponds and even a cable car. The view of Caracas from the mountain are the most stunning you can get, and if you go to the top you can see both the city and the sea!

We offer walking tours from half a day to full day, and even multi-day camping tours, just choose your level. We can also go cycling but certain conditions apply.

¡Vamos pal’ Ávila, pues!

*Waraira Repano was the indegenous name given to the mountain and it means «tapirs land»